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Sunday, December 16, 2012

To do it all over

Well I have come to the end of PRIME. Hard to believe that it has been seven months already. by the time you are reading this I am either on my way home or already there. I can say that it has been a tremendous time of growth, both spiritually and mentally. I found it really hard to pack up my things and leave yesterday. I kept coming across different objects I have collected during my time here. Rocks from the rock Quarry, decorations from VBS, the Ohio State Hockey game ticket, the Minford T-shirt someone gave me, Every one of the letters that were sent to me. All of the things that remind me I have become so used to this church and the people of the congregation that saying good bye is almost unbearable. Lord willing I hope to return one day.

Knowing that I have just become one of the PRIME alumni and that I am a part of so many others who have gone on before me and done so much good in places around the world make me praise my God that I am only a small part of His plan for the PRIME program. To see other stories from other PRIME students of the past, or to find out more about what the program from Huntington University in Huntington, Indiana is all about go here http://www.huntington.edu/prime/  My story has now been added to this collection.

Below are some of the tips/things learned. Enjoy.  If you want more stories or the stories behind the points feel free to contact me via facebook or Google+ or leave a comment below!!

Things I wish I would have known before going on PRIME.
  • That cooking for yourself is a lot harder than it looks.
  • Communicate to all people on how things will work together and you will go far.
  • That Satan would attack hardest during this time.
  • That this would not be easy.
  • To let mentor know your spiritual make up at the beginning.
  • That getting the assignments done would be tougher than it looked.
  • I would be pelted by Nerf darts while trying to give announcements.
  • I would forget the password to the alarm system only hours after learning how to do it and would get a run in with the sheriff.
  • That there would be many nights without any sleep.
  • That God would deal majorly with my pride.
  • When God wants you to work on communication skills he has you call 100 people in one day. 

Advice for future PRIME students.
  • Within the first Month try to get out and get to know the people in your ministry and church.
  • It is so easy on PRIME to feel like you are making third person purchases. Purchases that you may never use so you don't really care about the price or the quality of the purchase. Instead treat every purchase you make for the church like it is for you and you will use it. in this way you will care about both the quality and the price.
  • Start working on the PRIME assignments during the period between school and the start of the internship, it cuts down an the amount of work you have to do later.
  • Take advantage of those who have more experience than you, especially those outside your mentor.
  • Keep going back to God. This may seem like an obvious one, but it is so easy to work day in and  day out and not be connected with God or try to do things with out inviting God into the process.
  • Have fun with your mentor.
  • PRIME will change you. Allow God to guide the changes as you find out more about yourself.
  • figure out what you need to do to be ready and prepared for Sunday Morning to be at your peak when you need to give the message.
  • KEEP A BLOG!!!
  • Don't wait until the last minute to do the assignments. It will not get done.

Things I have learned
  • The importance of getting a vision to others.
  • That my communications skills need some work.
  • That leaving God out of a project for the church will usually end up being a disaster until God becomes part of it.
  • To check my motives before starting each day.
  • How to turn alarm systems off after setting them off.
  • How to window wipe carpet when it floods.
  • That I need to figure out the routine to make sure that I am awake and ready to go.
  • That I am not in control, God is.
  • To have pity on telemarketers. Especially those who do it all by hand. It may not be their choice when they call. (realized after having to make over 100 calls in one day).

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