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Friday, May 25, 2012

Who knew feeding sheep was so hard?

Okay let's admit I am really not good at this blogging stuff. If you have read what was down below in the other posts you would know this.

However, I have been given a gift for serving people and I thank God for this opportunity to server in Minford Ohio.

In John 21 Jesus is speaking to Peter and there is the whole "Do you love me?" deal. While that may be important and all I don't want to focus on that right now. I really want to focus on the answers. The ones that deal with sheep.

I have recently been challenged to view the time I spend on social media to tend and feed the sheep around me. Ministry is moving very quickly to the digital realm of Facebook, Twitter and blogging. Go figure. Anyway, we are being watched every minute. There are people looking on my profile on Facebook that I never would have dreamed would be. Scary enough they are members of the congregation. My flock that God has given me to minister to has suddenly taken on a whole new meaning. My flock is no longer those I see on Sunday, they are the complete strangers I meet on the street, they are those who view my profile online, they are those who many could classify as outcasts.

Just this past week my mentor walks into the church and yells for me to get some shoes on we're going somewhere. I get in the vehicle and he tells me we are going to install an air conditioning unit in a family's home who the mother has cancer for the forth time and there is nothing more the doctors can do. There are three sons all younger than me. Their air conditioner had been stolen in the night while they were in the hospital with mom. After leaving the house I realized that my flock is going to grow while I am down here. What can I say to this family who doesn't know Christ and has basically given up all hope. I whispered a prayer for the family and left the house.

My flock is growing by the minute. My eyes are being opened to what God has for me here. Be praying that there will be change and that God will move in a mighty way in the town of Minford.

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